In this day and age whether you’re fighting for customers because of your competition's technology, or its ease of consumer access to services similar to what you provide, service is the main ingredient of the customer experience. Just having an amazing product isn’t going to “just do” for customers nowadays, as your products and services can easily be replicated by someone or something that can do it better, faster, easier and in ways to distract your customers. Service marketing requires you to focus on building your image with a base of satisfied customers so that they will build your business for you.

Repeat Business

When you build a plan of service to reach your customers, you can expect a reward of repeat business from them. The goal of effectively marketing your brand is to capture the attention of your target market. Once you’ve landed them as customers, it is up to you to raise the bar of their experiences and keep it high consistently so they will come back. This type of marketing means that you need to get to know what your customers like and what they don’t like, and keep that at the top of your mind each time you encounter them. The benefits and savings from not having to remarket to get new clients will be beneficial to your bottom line.


The next best thing to having your clients come back is to have them tell others about their experience and recommend your products or services to them. You must consider that if your customers have a bad experience, it is likely they will tell 10 people about that negative experience, and you should consider those numbers as they translate into dollars and sales. But getting valuable referrals will help ease your load as you’re making marketing plans and spending dollars on advertising.


Other benefits from your good service are through publicity. As the buzz flows about your outstanding service, from following through on what you’ve promised to communicating effectively, you will learn that your good deeds in marketing will have positive payoffs as customers’ word of mouth gets back to the “powers that be” in media and social marketing platforms. At the end of the day, delivering on a promise and having quality products and services will take your business to the next level and make you more successful as a whole.