There are many purposes for doing email marketing when trying to have an online business such as building relationships with your customers and also tracking your progress in terms of conversion rates and sales. It's important for you to have an attractive opt-in list on your website, so people will feel a sense of urgency to subscribe. By constantly marketing and promoting people to opt-in, you will eventually build a large email list that will help your online business succeed.

Building Relationships

Email marketing isn't just about loading your customers' inboxes with emails in hopes to gain a sale; it's about building steady relationships with your customers. When a person decides to opt-in to your email list, the connection you have with that person is fragile. Unless you are a person who is an already credible and trustworthy person online, customers can easily remove themselves from your list whenever they want. That's why it's important to build relationships through sending them emails that don't involve promoting your products or services first. Instead, send them emails first that contain valuable information that actually helps them achieve a goal that they had in mind when they first subscribed to your email list.

Building a List

Having an email list of thousands of people allows you to easily send your message to a lot of people instantly. This beats going to each and everyone directly and giving them your message. That's why email marketing campaigns are so popular these days because one of it's purposes is to build a large list which gives the merchant leverage. Merchants who have large lists have the power to share their email list with potential joint venture partners. Having a large list also makes it easier to convert sales fairly quickly through trial and error processes.

Increasing Sales Conversation

Most visitors who go to your site the first time will not buy your product. If they leave, that means your conversation rate is zero. But if you capture their email, send them an email about your monthly newsletter or some type of free report that engages their interest, they may come back a second time to buy your product. If they do, that means your conversation rate is fifty percent. This was just an example however. Basically, the more emails you capture, the higher chance you will have with increasing sales conversations because you might have a second, third or fourth opportunity to get them to come back and buy the product your are selling on your website.

Repeating Sales

Email marketing also allows you to repeat the sales of your products. For example, maybe you are selling something and the customer buys it and never comes back. There's a good chance of this happening if you did not capture their email. But say they bought your product, loved it and desire more of what you are selling. If you have their email, you can offer a second, third or fourth product to them and give them a discount for being an existing customer. There are all sorts of different ways similar to this strategy that can help you have repeating sales for your business if you have a large email list.

Getting Feedback from Customers

The most important aspect to a business is its customers. Customers may not always tell you about what they like or don't like face-to-face. But with emails, they can be honest about their feelings. In order to constantly improve your business, one way is to ask your customers for feedback on the products that they have bought. What are some ways to improve it? What did they like about it? Sending out these questions to your email list allows you to get feedback from your customers, so you will know what business actions you need to perform next and how you can go on to improve your online business.