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by K.A. Francis; Updated September 26, 2017
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Mailing lists are an important part of a business' marketing and advertising arsenal. A targeted mailing list saves time, energy and money when searching for new clients. Using a targeted list means your business is contacting individuals interested in your products, services and industry. This makes marketing your business' services easier. There are several sites dedicated to creating and marketing mailing lists. Choosing a site will depend on the intended use of the mailing list and the number of customers your business wants to reach.

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Yahoo Groups. Yahoo hosts thousands of groups with a large variety of topics. By doing a search for groups in your industry, you can find groups that are looking for the products and services you provide. You also can find others in your industry with which to share tips and client leads.

Step 2 Bravenet is one of the largest, most respected mailing list websites. It offers mailing lists on countless topics and newsletter hosting. Set up a newsletter for your business and Bravenet members interested in your products and services can sign up to receive it. Bravenet lists are especially effective because they require a double opt-in process. Members have to manually agree to join your mailing list, so you can be assured people who receive your newsletter really want it.

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CataList. CataList is the directory for ListServ, the oldest list group on the Internet. You can search CataList by interest, lists with 10,000 or more members, lists with fewer than 10,000 members and host country. There are more than 53,000 lists to choose from.


  • For added coverage, create more than one mailing list.

    Consider creating a newsletter for your business. A newsletter is a good way to market your business without smacking potential customers over the head. You can also position yourself as an expert in your industry by offering informative articles and industry tips.


  • Don't spam the mailing lists. This can get you banned from most mailing lists. It also tarnishes your credibility in your industry.


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