Sending fliers through the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) can be a great way to conduct a promotional campaign for existing customers or simply grow awareness of your business. You can either target your direct mail fliers to individual recipients or send-out mass unaddressed advertising. Including promotional techniques such as tear-away coupons in your fliers can allow you track the success of your fliers and see study how effective the mailings are compared to other advertising media.

Determine who you are sending the fliers to. You may want to send mailings to existing customers using a database or mailing list that you have compiled of people you regularly do business with. You may also want to send out fliers to new customers or people who may have never heard of your business. Sending out fliers to new customers can involve buying a mailing list from a "Mailing List Broker" who can supply a list of targeted customers, or you may simply target a certain neighborhood by mailing out fliers according to a zip code.

Design your own flier or use the services of a local design company to create an effective ad for your business. After the flier has been designed, use a local printing service to the print the amount of fliers you intend to send. You may also use one of the United States Postal Service's partners to design and customize a flier right from the USPS site. You can dictate your message, the targeted neighborhoods and the frequency of the mailings directly from the site in minutes.

Drop off your fliers at your local post office when they are ready to be sent. Ask to speak with someone in Mailing Requirements or Bulk/Business Mail Entry if you need help in compiling a mailing list for your fliers. If you are sending more than 200 fliers, you may be eligible for a bulk mailing price discount. As well, depending on the amount and frequency of your mailings, you will also be able to take advantage of special rates for small or large businesses.


You can save money and reduce the environmental impact of your mailings by double-checking the spelling of customer and street names, using the entire zip + 4 code for each address and cross-checking your lists in order to make sure that the same individual does not appear more than once on your mailing schedule. Using First-Class Mail with postage stamps can give your flier extra attention but will cost more than using Standard Mail.