How to Sell Retired Precious Moment Figurines

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Retired collectibles are a treasure for eager collectors and can represent selling opportunities for the savvy entrepreneur. Precious Moments figurines remain popular, and the value of a retired figurine is that the company is no longer producing it, so buyers must locate it from specialty sellers. With a little research and preparation, you can be on your way to selling retired Precious Moments figurines.

Research selling prices of the retired Precious Moments figures you hope to sell. The print collector’s guides provide a range of prices, but you should also research online prices, as you may make most of your sales that way. Keep in mind that collectors know what items should cost -- if you charge more than other sellers, you may have a difficult time finding buyers.

Choose a platform for selling the figurines. Online selling gives you a potentially global audience -- sites such as eBay have proven profitable for Precious Moments sellers. The Internet Collector’s Bazaar is also popular with collectors; Craigslist is useful if you want to sell locally. Consider setting up your own website and research keyword placement within the site to ensure that online collectors can find your site quickly.

Advertise your services carefully and be specific. Make it obvious that you are specializing in retired figurines so that buyers will know who to go to for this kind of sale. If you are using eBay or a business website, be sure to make the most of feedback options -- good feedback is one of the best ways to guarantee new and return business.

Detail the figurines clearly and specifically. Note within the listing title the name, edition, production mark (which is a cross, a triangle, etc.), number and year of copyright or creation. The combination of these items can change their desirability. Note the condition of the item; buyers will want to know.

Provide at least one photo of the item for online selling. Unless the item is in some way damaged, do not worry about providing multiple photos. It is very likely the buyer already knows what the figurine looks like and simply needs to verify from one image that it is, in fact, the desired collectible.

Pack and ship the figurines carefully and securely, taking care not to damage them. Collectibles are most valued in their original boxes, so make every effort to acquire and retain them.


  • Sites such as eBay have become inundated with Precious Moments sellers, but this does not mean your chances are lower. List your figurines as well as possible to ensure your listing and the quality of your selling services stand out. Buyers are likely to trust sellers who appear reliable and professional.


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