Creating a small business focused on buying and selling retired Precious Moments figurines is a great way to indulge your inner collector while also earning money. An excellent working knowledge of the Precious Moments figurines and their rarity will come in handy, but you can research and learn as you go. To ensure you don't waste time, your primary concern should be tracking down valuable figurines that will be of interest to Precious Moments collectors.

Sourcing Precious Moments Figurines

Finding Precious Moments figurines to resell requires a keen eye and plenty of patience. Conduct your research both on foot and on the internet for best results. Estate sales represent excellent options for finding Precious Moments figurines, and yard sales can sometimes be lucrative too. As far as the internet is concerned, you'll want to browse Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and eBay.

Buying From Estate and Yard Sales

At estate sales, virtually everything in the home is for sale, including figurines. If you go bright and early on the first day, you can find out if any Precious Moments figurines are for sale, but be aware that the sellers are unlikely to negotiate on the first day of the sale. If you go on the last day, the prices are heavily discounted, but the high-ticket items may already be gone.

In terms of yard sales, sellers may not have thought to put their Precious Moments figurines into the mix, but it doesn't hurt to ask. After all, if a willing buyer is standing in front of them, most sellers won't say no.

Buying Precious Moments Figurines Online

Facebook Marketplace often has "online yard sale" posts in which people post items without necessarily being aware of their worth. They just want them gone, which means you can get some great deals.

The same is often true of Craigslist, but by the time you get to eBay, you're looking at higher-priced items from knowledgeable sellers. Use a tool like to help you search for misspelled auction listings that you can snag for a deal on eBay.

How Much Are They Worth?

As you find Precious Moments figurines to buy, you need to look at them with a critical eye before parting with your cash. The value of a figurine plummets if it's chipped or broken in any way, even if it can be (or has been) fixed. You want pristine, perfect-condition figurines to resell. If all it needs is some gentle washing, that's fine.

Next, you need to find out how much they might be worth and how much someone might actually pay for them. Start on the Precious Moments website or conduct a web search for retired Precious Moments figurines to find out its official name. Then, head to eBay to determine a practical sale price.

Enter the name of the figurine into the search bar and then filter to only look at sold or completed items. This helps you understand how popular the figurine is and how much people have paid for it in the past.

Selling to Precious Moments Collectors

Selling retired figurines to Precious Moments collectors requires a web presence of some sort. eBay is ideal because most people know to look there. However, you can also set up your own website with a built-in storefront.

Consider having a physical presence as well. You don't need your very own store; flea markets or peddlers' mall stalls make it easy for interested buyers to browse your merchandise up close. Store your retired Precious Moments figurines in a display case to protect them from damage. You could also collaborate with a local home decor boutique to showcase the figurines alongside other gifts and collectibles.