Antique window glass adds a finishing touch to restoration projects. Sell antique glass online through a variety of sites to establish your presence. Open a local storefront to sell antique window glass of one or many varieties. Obtain antique glass from demolition of old buildings or churches. Learn more about antique glass to advise potential customers about the distinguishing characteristics and value of glass.

Open a Ruby Lane Shop

Ruby Lane, a website serving the needs of antique and collectible buyers and sellers, offers a sales platform for antique window glass. Open your online store according to site directions. All glass items sold on the site must be 20 years old or older. Items referenced as antique must be 100 years old or more, according to the definition of antique provided in the U.S. Customs Tariff Act of 1930. If the antique glass has a manufacturer's mark or identification, sellers must provide a photo for the benefit of potential buyers. If the item was fabricated fewer than 20 years ago with original antique glass, the seller may not refer to the item as antique. If the item is less than 20 years old, the price value should be referenced in a printed price guide. Ruby Lane online store owners also may open a shop on Ruby Plaza, a sister sales website.

Sell Antique Glass Through a Vendor

Opportunities exist to sell antique glass windows through established online and storefront brokers. For example, antique sites like One of a Kind Antiques in Connecticut sell customers' items. Contact companies like Restoration Windows in Texas that offer a variety of solutions to potential customers, including authentic antique window glass. Depending on the age and rarity of your antique window glass, brokers may have a customer waiting list for your goods. Authentic, signed Tiffany stained glass is quite valuable. Obtain assistance in maximizing your treasure from any reputable auctioneer.

Sell Antique Glass Windows at Auction

Local, national and international live auctions provide a forum for antique window glass sales. Antique stained glass windows remain in high demand and may fetch high prices at Sotheby's and Christie's auctioneers. Very old antique glass windows command prices in the thousands of dollars. Sellers of collectible antique Tiffany glass window panels find ready buyers at regional auctioneers like Skinner Inc. in Boston.

Establish a Storefront

If you have access to a large supply of antique window glass, consider opening a storefront along with one or more online store sites. Demolition companies or real estate renovation experts may offer a variety of desirable and salable goods in a local store. Link your storefront to an online seller site, such as Ruby Lane or eBay. After building a clientele, open your own website and link to antique blogs and other sellers' pages to find even more customers for your business.