How to Sell Arrowheads

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Primitive projectile points, also known as arrowheads, have been made for thousands of years. They were used for self-defense, but mostly for hunting animals. Typical arrowheads were made from stones such as obsidian and chert, or other hard, sharp rock available in the area. Today, arrowheads can be found all across the North America, and particularly in the southwestern region. Many people are collectors of arrowheads and other ancient relics, and a profit can be made if you have a large collection of arrowheads that you wish to sell. All arrowheads and ancient relics are considered valuable by archaeologists and collectors. No matter how you sell your arrowheads, it's best to know the historical significance of them in order to have a better understanding of value and be able to set an appropriate price.

Obtain an arrowhead collector's guide to classify and document your arrowheads for purchase. A good collector's guide to keep handy is "Official Overstreet Indian Arrowhead Identification and Price Guide," which is updated and published regularly. You can also check out The Collector's Guide website ( and search though Indian artifacts. Any arrowhead collector will want to know where the arrowhead came from, and if it was used on any historic battlefields, or how old it was and in what region of the world it was created. These guides will aid in placing value and historical information on particular arrowheads.

Take the arrowheads to an ancient relic appraisal firm, an archaeologist specializing in arrowheads or prehistoric weapons, or a museum curator to aid in distinguishing the type of arrowheads you have if you cannot find the information in a guide or collector's book. Experts can aid in pricing and historical connotation. Go online to for listings of museums and links to dealers in arrowheads and other antiquities.

Sell items on arrowhead collector's websites or web-based businesses that specialize in buying and selling arrowheads or other relics. Among the few websites that will purchase arrowheads and arrowhead collections are and

Place arrowheads on auction website such as or and attempt to sell them this way. You can set the starting bid price for your arrowheads, and give your own descriptions of the items to entice collectors to place a bid.


  • Ensure that you perform significant research prior to selling your arrowheads. You don't want to cut yourself short and miss out on a profit if you have a valuable arrowhead in your collection.



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