If you are the crafty type and enjoy making dolls you should try your hand at making and selling dolls geared toward adults who collect rag dolls. Sometimes the uglier the doll, the more primitive it looks, the more eclectic the style, the more money it brings in!

Make and Sell Stump Dolls -- Stump dolls are about the easiest dolls you can make. Why someone would want to own one is beyond me! But they are popular. You can see some examples of stump dolls in the resources section of this article.

Make and Sell Primitive Raggedy Ann Dolls -- Raggedy Ann dolls are always popular. But the primitive or country versions can really bring in good money. Doing a quick search on eBay for "primitive raggedy ann" will show you that there are many people out there selling these dolls! You can also see some examples of primitive Raggedy Ann dolls in the resources section of this article.

Make and Sell Mammy Dolls -- Mammy Dolls, also known as Black Dolls, stir up as much controversy as they do dollars. They are a very popular type of doll but many think they make a racist statement and should not be allowed at craft fairs or doll showings. I think they are sweet and beautiful and more historical than racist. You can see some fine examples of Mammy dolls by clicking the link in the resources section of this article.

Make and Sell Tuck Dolls -- A tuck doll is usually tucked into something like a blanket or a shoe or a box. It's a way of making a doll without having to make any legs. You just make a simple upper body and tuck it into something. You can see a few examples of tuck dolls by clicking the link in the resources section of this article.

Make and Sell OOAK Dolls -- OOAK stands for one-of-a-kind dolls. And when they say one of a kind, they mean it! This genre includes mermaids, witches, fairies, living dead dolls (yes, that's popular!), gothic dolls, monster dolls, bride dolls, historical dolls, mythical dolls, miniature dolls, reborn babies, and so much more. If you want to see some bizarre examples of gothic dolls just do a search on eBay for "ooak doll gothic" and you will see dolls you never knew existed (warning: some people may be offended by these dolls!). Do a search on eBay for "ooak doll primitive" for some ooak dolls that are easier on the eye yet still very strange!

Sell Your Dolls Online and in Shops -- If you'd like to try making and selling primitive dolls eBay is really your best venue to start with. Make a couple dolls and give it a try! You can also try selling on Etsy which is a site that specializes in handmade goods. You should also look for specialty shops in your town that might like to sell your dolls on consignment. Craft fairs, church fairs and even yard sales are good places to sell less expensive dolls. But for big bucks you should stick to unique doll shops or online auctions where doll addicts are willing to fight to buy your newest creation!

Do Your Homework -- Use the links in the resources section of this article to see examples of dolls and for links on where to sell your dolls online.