The best business slogans have mass appeal. A tagline that is witty, appealing to the ear or calls people to action can help spark interest in your small company. The slogan needs to be focused specifically on the individual characteristics of your company to be an effective part of your marketing efforts. Craft a phrase that connects with customers and keeps them thinking of your business.


You remember the best slogans. They have mass appeal as they are able to connect with their audience. For instance, "good to the last drop" and "a diamond is forever" stick in the mind as these phrases are succinct and make a strong statement about the product. People remember the slogans that relate to their lives and have meaning.


Slogans that use rhymes and rhythms, or both, can be very successful. They are particularly effective when they can be sung, as in jingles. Examples of some famous sing-along slogans are "We bring good things to life" and "You deserve a break today." Create a jingle that will have your customers humming along with it.


The length of a slogan is a factor worth considering. The majority of slogans are short quick blurbs use as few words as possible, such as "Mmm, mmm good" and "Stronger than dirt." Some taglines, however, succeed with quite a few words such as "When it absolutely positively has to be there overnight." In cases like these, the slogan works with many words because of its strong message.

Clarity and Message

Clarity and a message are two things necessary in advertising. If your customers don't understand your slogans, they will forget them along with your company. Work on slogans that convey meaning instantly such as "We make it happen" and "Right store, right price." According to the Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia, successful slogans convey a message to their audiences.


A company that displays a sense of humor in its advertising is remembered. If you can make your slogans humorous, they have a better chance of catching on. Take for example, a slogan for a muffler company that says "No appointment necessary. We hear you coming.”


Often the best way to connect to customers is through emotions. Your slogan will bring in business if you find a way to make a personal connection. Consider these famous taglines and their effects on the human psyche: "You're in good hands," "Discover what's possible," "Technology at the speed of life" and "Make believe."