Now that you've decided to open a convenience store, you'll want every aspect of your marketing to draw customers to your business. This includes knowing which colors to use to paint your store. Different colors have various meanings, so choosing the right hues for your convenience store can boost your company's reputation and attract consumers on a regular basis.

Stimulating the Appetite

Red is the color of action and energy, and can arouse hunger. This makes it a fitting color for your convenience store, used in moderation, as it prompts customers to purchase a number of snacks and beverages from your establishment. Avoid an overwhelming amount of red, which can seem domineering or angry. Orange can be included in convenience store signage or architecture as well, as orange symbolizes enthusiasm. The color also stimulates the appetite, and orange accents on a convenience store building or sign give the impression of affordability. A combination of red and orange in the convenience store sign, or as an accent color on a gray or white building, will send the message to customers that the store's inventory is of good quality, will satisfy their hunger, and is reasonably priced.

Offering Healthy Snack Options

Green means vitality and health, making it an ideal color to paint your convenience store if you sell a number of natural or holistic products. Green also gives the impression of being level-headed and down-to-earth, so customers will get the subconscious impression that you'll provide the items they need without overcharging them. Light green is a generous and kind color, while darker shades of green are a symbol of money and wealth. Too much dark green painted on the outside of your store can denote greed, so use the shade sparingly.

Making Customers Feel Welcomed

Turquoise is a calming color that makes people feel peaceful and relaxed. This denotes welcome, so customers will feel drawn to your convenience store. The hue conveys positive thoughts and gives consumers the impression that your store's inventory contains just what they need. For instance, put items that people need for their cars, like hand sanitizer and air fresheners, next to the register in turquoise painted bins. This will give customers the subconscious impression that they need these items before leaving the convenience store. It's best to use turquoise as an accent color, such as on the paneling of the building or around the windows, as too much of the shade can send a message of conceit or deception.

Selling the Best Products

Gold is the color of wealth and quality. Using this shade as an accent color for the exterior of your convenience store, such as a border for the door or in the colors of an awning, sends the message to customers that your business is slightly upscale. The color also stands out against the stark gray or white color of a curb or street, which draws more attention to your business. Gold indicates that the fruit, snacks and beverages you sell are of the best quality. Adding gold to your color palette says that even though you're running a convenience store, you're committed to providing consumers with easy access to the best items in the region.