When looking for a good filing cabinet, one well-known brand to look for is Anderson Hickey. The locking system is one reason to like this brand as well as their updated modern look. The company was bought by Haworth Inc. in 1995 and became a subsidiary, helping to make Haworth the second largest office furniture manufacturer in the U.S.


The vertical file cabinet that has two, three, four or five drawers is the classic style of file cabinet. The file folders fit in the drawers with the flat side facing the front of the drawer. It can be less that 12 inches wide and 12 to 30 inches deep.


The file folders face towards the side of the cabinet in a lateral filing cabinet, and the cabinet is capable of storing regular files as well as legal size file folders. It is about 12 inches deep and has a width of up to 45 inches long.


A horizontal cabinet has a much wider drawer that is suitable for storing larger size papers such as blueprints, drawings and sketches. The height of the cabinet may vary, depending on the needs of the company using the cabinet.


The traditional file cabinet is made out of metal and comes in a variety of colors. Steel gray is the traditional color, but Anderson also makes black and khaki colored file cabinets.


One type of file cabinet sold by Anderson Hickey is a wood file cabinet that can come in lateral or vertical styles. These are better suited for home offices as they have a warmer look that fits in a home decor.