Hanging folders provide a practical alternative to plain manila folders because they provide more storage space in a compact form. These folders can be grouped by sophisticated organization techniques that make finding documents and other stored objects quickly. Hanging folder tabs adhere to the folder itself and provide information on the contents within. These tabs may come with the folder or they may be purchased separately. Using hanging folder tabs correctly is a straightforward process.

Things You Will Need
  • Hanging folder filing cabinet

  • Writing utensil

Follow the instructions provided by your brand of hanging folder tabs to adhere the tabs to your folders if they were not purchased together.

Label each tab according to the contents of each folder. If, for example, the first folder is to contain recipes, label its tab "Recipes." Write clearly and legibly.

Organize your folders alphabetically and place them in a stack, starting with the folder closest to "Z."

Hang each folder in the filing cabinet by aligning the small tab on each side of the folder with the groove on each side of the cabinet. Start with your "A" folders and continue until each folder has been hung.


You can also purchase tabs made specifically for your printer. Using a program like Microsoft Word, you can print on the tabs directly. This will save you time and ensure that your tabs are legible to anyone.

Using multicolored tabs and folders is a great idea. This allows you to find folders instantly. Use the same color on each tab and folder.

Using a yellow highlighter to highlight more important tabs can help you find a particular tab faster.