Your promotional materials represent your company's particular branding. Keep this in mind as you create items to present to your targeted audience. Take time to carefully prepare materials that are focused, clear and crafted to engage. Talk to your buyers with these promotions as you personally connect them with your company and its products or services. Test and polish them until you have materials worthy of your company and yourself.

Create Theme

Generate a theme that suits the purpose of your new promotion. Use the theme as your inspiration. This is particularly helpful when you have a new item in your business or a new service offering. For instance, create a press release describing the varieties of apples you use for a new line of apple-based desserts.

Active Writing

Write in active voice for your promotional materials. For example, rather than writing "Autumn is brought to your dinner table by our apple desserts" you should say "our apple desserts bring autumn to your dinner table." Use the present tense and direct your words to the individual. The website Interactive Training Ltd. says not to overly worry about the length of your copy but to use as many words as necessary to get your point across. Always proofread your copy for errors prior to printing.

Stress Benefits

Your current customers and potential buyers want to know what you can do for them. Consider the primary ways what you are selling will impact their lives in terms of needs or wants. Iowa State University Extension and Outreach advises pointing out the return on investment customers will get from purchasing your products or services. Write persuasively as you acquaint your audience with the key features of your company's products or services. Aim to get your particular brand in their thoughts so they will act upon them and buy from you.

Truth Telling

Never make unrealistic claims in your written advertisements such as describing a product as the "world's best" or saying your service is "number one in the nation." Consumers are turned off when presented with unverified exaggerations. Instead, simply tell the truth as you accurately describe what you have to offer. You believe in your company, so you can write about it in a positive accurate way that will attract consumers.

Open for Suggestions

Creating effective promotional materials is tough work. Fortunately, you do not have to go it alone. It is time to utilize others' advice and ideas once you have your ideas and rough drafts in place. Talk to employees, business investors and other professionals in your field for their input. Workshop your writings with individuals experienced in crafting promotional materials for their companies. Put your ego aside and accept constructive criticism to make your promotions better.