If your business is looking to work with importers or exporters, you can start your relationship with an introduction letter to the foreign buyer or seller. Your proposal letter is a useful business tool that helps to capture your prospect’s interest in your business. Discuss how you can help the prospect to meet their goals with your product offerings.

Identify Your Prospect’s Needs

Start by showing the prospect that you are familiar with their work. Compliment them on a recent milestone or promotion, or discuss their place in the industry. This helps to break the ice, especially for cold prospects.

The first paragraph of your proposal letter also needs to establish the challenges your prospects are facing that you can help them with. Are your importer prospects looking for a specific kind of product that you sell, or are they on the hunt for the best customer service? Perhaps they are trying to find a partner that offers expedited shipping, or one that uses a particular kind of material in their packaging? Conduct market research so you have a clear understanding of how you can help your prospect.

Hook Them with the Benefits

In the second paragraph of your import export company introduction letter, speak about the benefits of working with your company. Tell the reader why your company is unique, especially with regard to working with foreign businesses. For example, are your shipping times shorter than any competitor? Do you charge less freight than other businesses in the industry? These are important factors that foreign buyers will consider.

Also discuss the quality of your products. What makes them unique? Do you use a particular kind of raw material that the prospect does not have in their country? Is your workmanship unlike any other business in your region? Offer these unique benefits in your letter.

Establish Your Credibility

In the third paragraph of your import expert company introduction letter, discuss your organization’s expertise and experience to show credibility. Tell the reader how long you have been in business, and which area of the industry you specialize in. List some of the companies you have worked with to show your credibility. You can even offer a testimonial from a previous client that speaks to your integrity and reliability.

Provide a Call to Action

End your proposal letter with a call to action. What do you want the prospect to do after reading your proposal letter? If you are attaching a full proposal to your letter, your call to action may be to for them to read the proposal. Your call to action can also be to book a phone call to discuss your potential partnership. Be clear in what you want the reader to do.

Import Export Cover Letter

Dear Mr. Jenkins,

As the leader in infant and toddler toys in your market, you have built a solid reputation as the go-to store for unique gifts for kids. Have you found the best hand-crafted wooden toys? We know it can be a challenge to find reliable suppliers that make unique and safe wooden toys for children.

That’s where we come in. Our products are not only custom made out of the highest quality wood, but they are also painted with non-toxic colors that kids love. We offer expedited shipping for our business partners so that they can ensure their customers are always able to buy their favorite products.

As a leader in wooden toy manufacturing for over 30 years, we have built a solid reputation among our clients as trustworthy partners in the import/export business. Our long-term business partners include Baby Things and Little Figures.

I have attached a sales proposal for your review. Please don’t hesitate to call or email me to discuss further. We’re looking forward to building a lasting partnership with you.


Jenny Sandersen