How to Write a Proposal Letter to Importers

by Josh Victor; Updated September 26, 2017

A strong and healthy business relationship may begin with a formal letter. This is especially true when working with international importers and exporters. You may not have the opportunity to meet them face to face, so a professional letter may be the best substitute. Writing this letter takes diligence and consideration.

Step 1

Format your letter professionally, with your company's logo, contact information and your personal information located at the top of the page. Also, include the importer's business contact information and a proper salutation. The text should be aligned to the left with no indentations for paragraphs and with single line spacing.

Step 2

Attract the importer's attention in the first paragraph by highlighting your key selling point. Emphasize the point of differentiation that makes your products the best on the market. You may have the lowest price, the best features, or the quickest turnaround time from order to delivery. You do not have to exaggerate but be sure to prominently state your firm's advantages.

Step 3

Provide more information about your firm and its background in the second paragraph. Explain how long you have been in business and where you are located. Describe exactly what you produce and in what volume. Also, explain who some of your current customers are and make them available as reference.

Step 4

Provide further information about your products' features. This is especially important for technical products such as computer hardware, networking equipment or pharmaceutical items. The importer will want to know as many of the specifications as possible. You may even include diagrams or models on a separate attachment.

Step 5

Convince the reader that your firm is the best to work with and that you can deliver as promised. Outline the payment terms, turnaround time, logistics information, and pricing. Leave the letter open for negotiation and follow-up. Close the note with a gracious sign-off.

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