How to Make Bracelets to Sell

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Selling your handmade beaded bracelets can earn you some extra pocket money and potentially support your hobby. Etsy, Ecrater, and Ruby Lane are just a few of the online marketplaces featuring handmade craft work, including jewelry. Designing bracelets you intend to sell grants you the creative freedom to experiment with new colors and styles to discover your personal point of view.

Choose your target market. In order to set your bracelets apart from all the other jewelry being sold online, you should think carefully about who will be buying and wearing your jewelry. College students will likely be looking for unique pieces in a lower price range. Men shopping for anniversaries or Valentine’s Day will probably be aiming to spend significantly more money.

Document your ideas. Inspiration for new bracelets can hit you at any time. Keep a small notebook with you and sketch ideas as they come. Seek inspiration in jewelry magazines or online craft stores.

Take your time in the design phase. Lay out the beads you plan to use on a bead board and experiment with the balance of the beads, contrasting colors, and a variety of textures until you find something you are happy with.

Use high-quality materials and techniques when making your bracelets. Remember that someone will be spending money on your creation and they will expect a durable, well-made bracelet. Make sure your materials are proportionate; a bracelet featuring expensive gemstones should have sterling silver or gold findings, while inexpensive stone beads pair perfectly with base metal wire and clasps.

Learn new techniques and experiment with new materials. Fashion is changing every day and jewelry trends are no exception. Aim to make each new bracelet design innovative and unique.


  • Look for inspiring bracelet materials in the scrapbook or fabric sections of your local craft store.


  • Beads are a choking hazard to young children.

    While you can find inspiration from the work of other jewelry designers, never copy and sell designs that are not your own.



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