How to Buy Wholesale Products From India. India is a powerful world market. Its business rules are less restrictive than ever, allowing merchants from all over the world to purchase wholesale goods. India's market offers a great variety of products for sale, from handicrafts to jewelry and fabric, and much more.

Research which manufactured goods can be bought in India for wholesale. There are a lot of goods to choose from. Make sure the item is marketable.

Go to the Embassy of India in your country and talk to a representative. Ask for their country's business laws, as well as publications and directories of wholesale manufacturers and companies.

Call each listed company and ask if you can purchase the product you want in wholesale. Make sure to ask for the wholesale price of your item as well as international shipping costs.

Sign the company's wholesale contract. Complete any additional paperwork if necessary to close the deal. Give your contract to a business lawyer first before you sign it. Make sure you understand the terms before you close the deal.

Wait for your wholesale product to arrive once it gets shipped to you. This can take some time depending on which country you live in.


Call the wholesaler personally. If you get contact information online, you will typically encounter a middle man instead of the wholesaler. The middle man will offer you a higher price for the wholesale product.