How to Find Deli Meat Distributors

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You can buy bulk deli meats at a discount by ordering directly from the distributors. Buying deli meats by the ounce from a deli counter is much more expensive than buying wholesale from a distributor. Finding several deli meat distributors will ensure a steady supply of cold cuts for any size event. With a little research and a few phone calls, you will be able to find deli meat distributors that are ready to help make your sandwiches a success.

Visit a few local sandwich shops and deli counters and ask to speak with the manager in charge of ordering. Leave your contact information behind if the manager is not available.

Explain to the ordering manager that you are looking for deli meat distributors and would appreciate any suggestions they may have. Ask if the manager has any informational pamphlets from the distributors that supply their deli meat. Many delis and sandwich shops feature meats from a single supplier.

Follow up on the contact information given to you by the managers by making a phone call or doing a little internet research. Most deli meat wholesalers will have a company website with additional information on placing an order.


  • Tell the distributor about the ordering manager who referred you to them so they can reward their loyal customer. Some wholesalers have referral programs that give bonuses for word of mouth marketing. Boar's Head is one of the biggest names in quality deli meats. See the link in Resources to visit their site and a list of other deli meat wholesalers.



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