Seafood is popular all over the world. With modern transportation and refrigeration systems, people can enjoy fish that comes from anywhere in the world right in their own hometowns. How should you market seafood to your customers? This varies somewhat depending on your location and product.


The main concern when purchasing fish is its freshness. Fresh seafood is delicious and nutritious, but it can spoil quickly and present a danger to your health. Your marketing campaign should emphasize how fresh your seafood is. In your marketing material, include statements such as "Freshly Caught" and provide information about when the fish was caught and how it was transported to the point of purchase.

Exotic Food

People love to try new things and they often feel that they are the first to do so. If your seafood is imported from another area of the world, make sure to mention that in the name. Call attention to the fact that it is Alaskan snow crab or Chilean sea bass. Accompany this with a graphic depiction of the area in which the seafood was caught or raised. Consider including some information about the history of the area as a seafood-producing area as well as some recipes for local dishes featuring this particular kind of seafood.

Local Food

The local food movement has become popular in the last few years. If your seafood is locally caught or raised, including information about this can enhance your marketing campaign. Include information about local fishermen and the boats they use so that people feel connected to the food production process. Also, stress the environmental benefits of buying local seafood (less pollution from transport) and the freshness of the seafood.