When developing your menu for a fast-food restaurant, you want to create a list of meals that are not only delicious and affordable, but that also stands out from other fast-food joints in your neighborhood. To make sure that you have a unique menu for potential customers, you want to research the latest fast-food trends and find alternative food items to those trends. You can also get suggestions from your business partners or relatives.

Choose items that will appeal to everyone but still be unique. For example, if you're opening a burger joint, have a variety of styles such as cheeseburgers, veal-lamb burgers with herbed mint mayonnaise, salmon burgers with roasted red pepper relish, chicken burgers with jalapeno peppers and veal burgers with Canadian bacon and cheddar cheese.

Make your prices affordable for customers. If your barbecue restaurant is in a neighborhood that is known for its emphasis on family-friendliness, include a special discount menu where families can purchase packaged meals at low prices. Or if your fried seafood restaurant is located near high schools and universities, offer a student discount on specific food items at the restaurant.

Give specific descriptions of your meals. If you're selling some Chinese meals and you're including the original Chinese titles of the meals, write detailed descriptions to help customers understand what is in the dishes. Also include descriptions f you have some salads on the menu that potential customers may not be familiar with.

Include pictures of your meals. For example, if you have a specific vegetarian menu in addition to your meat dishes, feature some pictures of the vegetarian meals.