Anyone who has smelled the tempting aromas that linger in the air outside of a bakery understands the appeal of these little shops. While delicious baked goods, a desirable location and a charming shop are critical factors in a bakery's success, there are other important details. For example, a bakery menu must be appealing and attractive to the clientele, yet also relay its information in an easy to understand, easy to read way. With some planning, bakery owners can prepare a menu for their bakery that will keep customers coming back for more.

Write up a list of all the items you sell at the bakery. Most bakeries offer a selection of pastries and breakfast items, such as scones and bagels, a variety of breads and sweets, such as cakes, parfaits and pies. Compile a list of all the items you plan on selling so you can include them on the menu.

Invent names for the items on your list. Some items may be straightforward, such as, croissants or strawberry danishes. Other items that are more specific to your bakery may have more unique, memorable names. For instance, a signature cinnamon swirl bread may be called "sunshine bread" at Sunshine Bakery.

Sort the items on your list into logical categories. Dedicate a section of the menu to loaves of breads, baked pastries, sandwiches, cakes and cupcakes, desserts and other baked goods. Organizing the menu makes it easier for patrons to read and find what they are looking for.

Assign prices to the items on the menu. It may be helpful to look at other bakeries in the area to get an idea of the competition's price range. Keep in mind the cost of food, materials, labor and operations, while also remembering your prices must remain competitive and fair for the customers.

Pick a size and shape for the menu, as well as a style, that suits your bakery. For instance, a dainty small menu that boasts an elegant font may be appropriate for an elegant bakery inspired by Paris. On the other hand, a comfortable bakery that borrows the look of a 1950's kitchen may want to use art deco designs and flashy fonts on their menu.

Add some color. Embrace the style and color scheme of the bakery by adding some color to the menu. The Parisian bakery could use black writing on a ivory paper, as well as highlights of pink on the cover page.