A brochure is a great way to attract attention to anyone's business. People often find out about new places by reading about them, but with busy lifestyles, a brief overview of a business is the best promotion. Many people have a sweet tooth and the look of tasty treats and descriptions of the aroma wafting out of the bakery doors can make selling the business in a brochure as easy as pie. Making a brochure can be done on any computer with a little creative wording, some bright pictures and Microsoft Word.

Things You Will Need
  • Microsoft Word

  • Photographs

  • Thesaurus

Making the actual brochure

Click on File in the top left-hand side of Microsoft Word. Click on New from the drop down menu.

Find the "publications" tab in the screen that will pop up. Click on Brochure. Click OK.

Review the mock brochure that will open on the screen. It will already be filled with words and tips, but those can be deleted as the sections are filled with descriptions of the bakery. Remember the brochure is double sided so scroll down to see page 2 to fill in the inside copy.

Brochure copy and photographs

Add a picture of the best-selling item on the menu, or the bakery logo, on the front flap on the outside of the brochure. Include the name of the bakery, address, time the bakery is open, phone number, acceptable payment types and any other contact information, like a Facebook account or email address. If the bakery is located next to a well-known spot, include that on the front cover as well.

Leave the outside middle flap blank, with only a simple logo, or company history or motto at the bottom. If the menu for the bakery is very large, this would be a good place to include a drink list. The outside back flap should include any awards, testimonials or a brief description of the smells and sweet sights inside the bakery. If the back middle flap is left blank, then the drink list should go on the back flap and the awards and testimonials will go on the last flap of the inside. Use a thesaurus to come up with vivid descriptions.

Write the menu on the inside of the brochure. On the top of each flap, place a picture; one flap should include a picture of the restaurant. Underneath the picture put headings, which are separated from the lists with a space and a font detail like Bold or Italics. Bakery sections should include lists for pastries, cakes and anything else the bakery makes. Include a brief description of each item - no more than a few words and the price. If the price is very high and may scare off customers, do not include.


Take advantage of empty space, if the brochure looks too busy then the eye can't focus on any one particular section and people won't finish reading.