When a new restaurant opens in your city, the local newspaper will often assign a reporter to write a review. Restaurant owners spend a lot of time, money and effort to create an establishment that will appeal to patrons. From the menu to the decor to the competency of the service staff, each component must work well in order for the restaurant to be successful.

Interview the owner or manager of the restaurant. Find out about the key staff members' background. Ask about the origin of the restaurant's name and the style of food it features.

Meet with the restaurant's chef. Find out about his qualifications and where he studied. Go over the menu with the chef and ask him about his signature dishes.

Collect other pertinent information about the restaurant you'll use in your profile. Know the correct address and the hours of operation. Find out if the restaurant plans any promotional days when it will feature or discount different menu items. Ask if the restaurant will use Facebook or Twitter to connect with the public.

Write your profile so readers can learn a brief history of the restaurant, its owner and the head chef, as well as its menu features and social media plans. Also include any drawbacks or areas where the new restaurant has to improve.