Going out to eat should be an enjoyable experience for diners. If you own or plan to start a small restaurant, your priority concern should be your customers needs. Work to ensure that your staff members provide a pleasant environment with finely cooked food and exceptional service. Your business success depends on your ability to satisfy your guests consistently.

Clean Environment

Places in which people dine need to be kept immaculately clean for their comfort and health. Pay careful attention daily to the cleaning of tables, chairs, floors, the kitchen and the restrooms. Start each shift with a thorough run-through to ensure that everything is in impeccable order. Pay attention to the important details, such as making sure the silverware, plates and glasses are spotless. Customers enjoy a pristine environment, so make sure your restaurant fulfills this need.

Properly Prepared Food

Food is what your business is about, so make it good. Properly prepared tasty food is the reason customers will keep coming back to your restaurant. Take care to buy quality ingredients, hire superior cooks, and serve your meals at the right temperature for each dish. Oversee the dishes as they leave the kitchen area on a frequent basis to check for an appetizing appearance. Gain feedback from your patrons regarding your food. Use their valuable opinions to improve the quality and taste of your selections.

Your customers will react positively to a variety of menu choices. Even though your restaurant probably serves a particular style of food, such as Tex-Mex, Italian or Thai, people want many selections to choose from. Offer a variety of appetizers, soups and salads, and main courses. Establish a confection menu to cater to those who enjoy finishing off a meal with something sweet, and those who drop in for dessert and coffee.

Timely and Afflable Service

You wait staff are the people who have the most contact with your customers, so you must hire quality servers. Employ those who are experience at waiting tables in a quick and efficient manner, and who exude a pleasant personality. Train your servers to know the menu, to know how each dish is prepared, to offer substitutions, and to get the food out quickly. Ideal service will be attentive but not intrusive, and will anticipate needs such as refills and extra napkins. According to RestaurantOwner.com, the one thing customers do not want is to see your wait staff congregating together as they talk among themselves instead of making table rounds.


Your patrons should feel valued from the moment they enter your establishment till the moment they depart. The host should acknowledge diners immediately and let them know the status of obtaining a table if one is not immediately available. After seating, the guests should be offered menus, and have their beverage orders taken by a smiling, composed member of the wait staff. All others who come into contact with customers, such as those who bus tables, must behave in a pleasant friendly manner as well. The National Restaurant Association says that warmth and personal interactions with customers serve a basic need. Guard that your employees always exhibit professionalism while there are patrons in your restaurant. For instance, employees should never air their differences or discuss personal matters in the dining area.