Restaurant Customer Service Standards

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High restaurant customer service standards are essential to the growth and success of an establishment. Many online city guides include customer reviews of restaurants that can attract customers if service is continually excellent or deter customers with bad reviews.

Listen and Follow Up

Servers and bartenders must always listen carefully to the requests of the guests and write them down if necessary, such as the meat temperature of a guest's steak. Be sure to note any allergies or specific diet requirements and let the expo manager and cooks know about modifications. After the meal has been presented, follow up within two minutes to see how the guests are enjoying the meal.


Customers should be treated "like members of a private club" according to the Amazing Service Guy website. Remembering names and favorite drinks/meals of customers encourages them to return and possibly recommend the establishment to others.

Happy Staff

Treating staff members with respect will keep them happy and motivated to perform their job well. Unhappy staffs that are continually talked down to are much less likely to be interested in maintaining a good work attitude and might even say negative things to customers about the establishment's owners/managers or the quality of the food. Incentives to perform well, such as bonuses and gift certificates, can further encourage optimal work performance.



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