A good restaurant team consists of a group of people who help to keep the entire business flowing smoothly. The restaurant owner typically hires a restaurant manager who will oversee the general business aspect of the restaurant such as keeping the restaurant's finances in order, hiring new employees, ordering restaurant supplies and food, and also making sure the business operation is in good working order with the customers as well as with other restaurant distributors. A marketing consultant may also be hired to assure that the business is getting adequate advertising as well as the proper public relations for the area in which the establishment resides. Depending on the size of the restaurant, several cooks can be hired. There is typically a head chef who plans the meals and directs the cooking staff, a line cook who prepares the food, and someone who makes sure the food gets to the waitress so she can serve the patrons.

A waiter shows patrons to an available table where they will read over a menu and make a food choice. A waitress then comes to the table and takes the orders from the patrons. The order is then sent to the kitchen where the cook prepares the food made to order for the patron. Food is served by the waitress and the patron enjoys the meal. Some restaurants are themed and offer only certain kinds of foods.

Whether a restaurant has a band or live music, they still provide entertainment by creating a scene of social activity that can be anything from small talk amongst patrons to casual get-togethers with family and friends. Some restaurants have game areas where patrons can play games and win prizes while waiting for their food. Movies displayed on a large screen can also play in the background of many restaurants so that patrons can enjoy watching their favorite show while eating their meal.

Typically, restaurants serve everything from breakfast, lunch and dinner to various other food and menu items. Some of the most popular foods that are served at restaurants are tacos, pizza, hamburgers and chicken, making American, Mexican and Italian the most popular restaurant types.