When organizing a business meeting lunch, you should choose a location that offers light food that will satisfy attendees without distracting them from discussion and work. Food that is easy to consume, is not messy and will not leave diners feeling excessively full and reluctant to return to work is ideal. Many options exist that satisfy these requirements.

Soup and Salad

Many restaurants specialize in soup and salad combinations that are both satisfying and light. Soup is easy to eat during a business conversation because it does not require cutting or chewing. Soup and salad are also ideal options for a large group because most restaurants offer multiple flavors of soup, several salad options and many different dressings, permitting everyone to order something with which they will be satisfied. A soup and salad meal also accommodates vegetarian diners.

Tortilla Wraps

Tortilla wraps are a simple choice because they combine vegetables and a meat item for a satisfying yet light meal. Diners can eat tortilla wraps using their hands or a knife and fork. Wraps can be eaten quickly so that participants in the meeting can move on to talking business. You can make tortilla wraps yourself with lettuce, chicken or tofu, black beans, tomatoes and shredded carrots.


Going out for sushi provides a fashionable dining experience. Because sushi comes in bite-size pieces, it is easy to eat lightly and hold a business meeting during the meal. Most rolls contain only fish, vegetables and rice, and fish is lean and healthy meat. Diners can enjoy lots of variety by ordering and sharing many different rolls.

Finger Food

Prepare a lunch of finger food and serve it in a conference room. Bring fruit salad, miniature sandwiches, tiny pastries and treats such as bacon-wrapped dates. Snacking is the lightest way to eat, and a lunch that consists primarily of finger food will allow diners to satisfy themselves without feeling stuffed. A finger-food lunch is also low-maintenance and can be served on paper plates without silverware. This meal is informal and permits diners to discuss business while they eat.