A successful career in the hospitality industry requires some basic competencies. Profitable establishments in the field are known for exceptional customer service, which is provided through detailed facility management and a qualified staff. An organized plan to attend to each facet of the business is necessary for profitability.

Guest Services

Paramount to the hospitality business is keeping the customers happy. Business owners should work hard to provide their guests with clean and decorative lodging, enjoyable amenities ad comfortable surroundings. The staff needs to make clients their first priority by anticipating and preparing for their needs and desires. Prompt and polite attention helps ensure return customers. Most clients will not expect perfection, but they do deserve respect, clear communication and concentrated efforts to ensure they enjoy their visit.

Focus on Maintenance

Competent hospitality managers are careful to keep their facilities well maintained. Plans must be in place in to address electrical, plumping and structural issues. Preventative maintenance is best, but expect emergency situations to occur. The grounds should receive frequent attention and kept attractive in all seasons. Keep a close eye for mold, bed bugs, heating and air conditioning issues and problems with pools such as surfacing and chemical imbalance issues and pay attention to all warning signs of their presence.

Health and Safety

A competency which can bring down your business if not mastered is handling health and safety concerns. Beware of such hazards as uneven flooring or payment which can cause falls. Put decals on sliding glass doors to help prevent injury. Keep germs down and help prevent cases of dermatitis by using antibacterial cleansers on surfaces and color safe bleach when washing linens. If your facility prepares food, make sure employees wear hair nets, use gloves, wash hands frequently and cook foods thoroughly, and check that your refrigeration system works properly. Train your staff well in these procedures and remember you are responsible for their health and safety on the job as well as that of your guests.

Employee Management

Hospitality business owners must take particular care to create a staff of employees dedicated to treating clients well. The first step to competency in this area is the hiring process. Interviews are particularly important, as these occasions are where managers get the best sense of a person's personality and ability to communicate well. Managing the chosen candidates means training them in the company's procedures and expectations. Call upon your staff to make the extra efforts such as remembering customer names and providing additional niceties to increase your guest's enjoyment.

Effective Pricing

Achieving profitability is perhaps the most important core competency there is in the hospitality industry. Today's clients are extremely savvy in getting the best deals in the industry. It is easy to compare prices by simply checking websites that provides comparisons between competitors. Use this to your advantage by staying up-to-date on your rivals' general pricing and specials. Price competitively with area establishments similar to your own. Also, consider developing a brand loyalty program to reward repeat customers with discounts, free meals or free stays after a certain number of visits. Afford competitive pricing and special discounts by cutting expenses in other areas. For instance, lower your marketing costs by taking advantage of inexpensive advertising efforts as social media and investing in search engine optimization rather than more costly avenues like television spots.