It's no wonder boutique owners who expend creativity all day long in their store displays, item selection and personal wardrobe choices often feel empty when it's time for their next promotion. But it isn't hard to come up with a good idea. As a wise man once said, "There is nothing new under the sun." To execute brilliant promotions for your boutique, look at what's been done before and then personalize the details for your shop and your customers.

Special Services

Take a cue from boutiques like Savannah in Santa Monica, California, or Louis in Boston, Massachusetts. As "The Wall Street Journal" reports in an article about the value of pampering customers, these luxury boutiques go the extra mile with hand delivery and complimentary repairs for clothing purchased there. Offer a service that your customers can't get at big-box retailers and build your promotion around it.

Girls' Night Out

Periodically, the town of Stillwater, Minnesota, hosts a Ladies' Night Out encouraging female shoppers from miles around to group together, shop, enter prize drawings, taste wine and have fun. Schedule your own night out for the girls and make the event special with complimentary personal shoppers, gourmet appetizers and live entertainment. Advertise your extended shopping hours well in advance and encourage shoppers to bring friends. Promote the event on your boutique's social media pages to make the fun even more viral.

Charity Support

It's easy to customize fundraiser promotions to fit the look of your boutique and brand. For example, to support breast cancer awareness, ask sales associates to wear pink and advertise that a certain percentage of sales will go toward the cause. You can take it one step further and create pink displays in your store. Support more causes with other colors, like yellow to support the troops and red to raise awareness of heart disease in women.

Hands-On Activities

You express creativity every day through your merchandise displays, so let your customers do the same. Start dressing a mannequin and let each paying customer choose a clothing item or accessory to complete the look. Take a picture of the mannequin at the end of each day and post to your social media profiles, bragging on the great style your customers have. Other hands-on activities can include hosting DIY fashion classes such as jewelry-making or knitting. Appeal to your customers' creativity and you'll appeal to their pocketbooks, too.