Used clothing stores, whether they sell vintage, gently used items or a combination of the two, can offer great value to their customers. In a struggling economy, people often look for discounts on necessities such as clothing, and secondhand clothing stores can become wildly popular. However, to get the business you need, customers have to know about your business, and well-targeted and expertly designed advertisements can help you keep your business thriving and growing.


If your business has just opened, events are an excellent way to draw in customers. Try having a fashion show highlighting your best offerings. Hold a grand opening offering a shopping discount to customers who sell or donate their used clothing. Theme parties such as wine and chocolate or girls night out can also be highly effective. Local nonprofits may also be interested in holding fundraisers and events. Consider having a domestic violence clothing drive or selecting a day during which a certain percentage of your profits are donated to a local homeless shelter or battered women's shelter.

Internet Marketing

In the era of Internet marketing, advertising is easier and less expensive. Google Adwords allows business owners to target potential customers in search results. Select keywords associated with your business. When a customer searches for related terms, your business's ad will show up in search results. Draw customers to the ad by offering a discount or other incentive.

Advertising on blogs and fashion websites can also be highly effective, particularly if you are marketing your business as a boutique with fashionable clothing. Provide elegant, attractive images of your most fashionable clothes and select websites that cater to your target market.

Social Media

Social media allows you a unique opportunity to engage with your customers. Set up a Facebook fan page and offer additional discounts or early notification of sales to fans. Engage with your customers by asking them their opinions on fashion, encouraging them to post outfits purchased at your store or awarding free items in contests. For example, you could offer a gift card to the customer who posts the best outfit built from clothing purchased at your store.


Your storefront is a powerful marketing tool that can either draw customers in or drive them away. Choose a busy, visible location for your store and ensure customers can see your store from the street and that the name of your store is visible. Create a crisp, attractive window display showing off your best fashions and ensure that the interior design of your store will be appealing to your target market. A trendy, minimalist store might attract a young, hip demographic, while a bright pink store covered with stuffed animals will appeal to little girls.

Word of Mouth

Your satisfied customers are your best marketing tool, so ensure they get stellar service when they arrive at your business. Keep your store clean and your employees well trained, and ask customers to leave positive reviews on online review sites. You can even offer them a discount for doing so. Hold a "bring a friend" day that gives discounts both to your repeat customer and the new customer she brings in.