A veterinary clinic performs vital services to animal lovers in a community, but getting your business noticed and developing a following of loyal clients takes time. Attract pet owners by hosting an open house with an edge. Combine educational tours and information about your clinic's doctors and services with fun events to bring lots of dogs and cats to your parking lot. With prizes and creative advertising, you can become known for pet care throughout your town.

Photo Opportunities

Especially nice for holidays, digital portraits of a pet and its owner at your clinic can draw animal lovers. Get a photographer to volunteer her time and take images with a digital camera. Obtain everyone’s email address for the digital images, and you'll increase your electronic advertising database. You'll also delight your patients with images they can print themselves. During holidays like Christmas, hold an open house and take instant photos with pets and Santa to increase the cheer and your client base.

Pooper Scooper Races

Organize a relay race featuring contestants who have to scoop up black and brown water balloons with a metal pooper-scooper and place them in a bucket at the end of the parking lot. Race winners walk away with a 10 percent discount on some item from the clinic such as pet food or shots, along with a T-shirt with the clinic's name, address and logo. This means that participants will return to clinic to use their discounts, and will advertise your business every time they wear the shirts. Let your local newspaper know about the event so it can cover the hilarity and give you even more exposure.

Costume Contest

Take advantage of Halloween by hosting a pet costume contest and parade. Plan to give out prizes for "best costume,” “most-creative costume” and “most-humiliated pet.” Pass out small goody bags with dog or cat treats along with your advertising magnet or notepad. Again, alert the media because animals in costumes is a feel-good favorite for morning broadcasts.

Pet Adoptions

Coordinate with the local humane society or other animal welfare group to combine an open house with an adoption drive. Open your doors for tours, and give discounts for neutering all adopted animals. Once people adopt the animals, many could come back for care and supplies.

Dog Agility Exhibition

Many dog owner groups or clubs have exhibitions of dog agility. You can invite them to put on a show in your parking lot during an open house. Keep potential clients coming back with puppy-training classes, or host a talk by your local bloodhound tracker group. With advertising in your local papers and news media outlets, you will get more clinic name recognition and be recognized as a patron of local animal groups.