Door prizes are a great way to expand your business base, as customers you wouldn't normally be able to reach will line up to win goodies. Expos, picnics, conventions and other organizational meetings often advertise door prizes. Giving participants something to win increases attendance and joviality during the event being coordinated. For your prize to hold sway, though, it must be something that relates to your company and something that average people would want or need.

Everyday Prizes

If your business can't afford thousands of dollars for door prizes, don't worry. You can entice new customers just by getting your name out there on small, useful items they'll see every day. Stress balls, maps, key chains, thumb drives and coffee mugs with your branding on them remind participants that your company exists and is useful. These prizes usually are not raffled off, but given in a goody bag to all who enter. You'll have maximum exposure when these branded items are taken home or elsewhere by guests, propelling the company name into people's minds.

Prizes of Relevance

Getting your products out there in prize form will spread the word of your business and its goods. Once the winners are home and using your business to better their lives, they'll talk about it to their family and friends. If you are a technology company, throw your latest, completed software up for grabs. If you make computers, offer up the newest models. Retail businesses can give out the latest fashions, cutting-edge beauty treatments, kitchen appliances and more. Anything you make, you can give away. The freebies are worth the end profit.

Seasonal Prizes

Time your giveaways to the upcoming season. If a convention takes place in the late spring, you can set up with grills or beach umbrellas. If it's a picnic in the early fall, give away crock pots or afghans. You can theme your giveaways with the time of year so that those already in the spirit will then connect your business with happy memories of the season. Don't forget to tie your gift into the event as well. Giving a sewing machine away at a tech convention won't go over nearly as well as it will at a homemakers association meeting.

High-Value Prizes

The higher in value your door prize is, the more coveted it will be. Organizers at the event will help promote your business throughout because they will be thankful to have such a powerful prize draw for participants. In this way, you can give out something huge that has very little to do with your business and still have your name and brand splashed all over the place. You can even work with other businesses in a service exchange. Giving away a weekend trip to a nearby venue, for instance, will get the organizers cheering for you, and the venue at which you're spending your money will advertise for you too. It's a win-win. You can also give away fancy dinners, spa treatments and other luxuries.