With the growth of the internet, there has been an explosion in the kinds of business vendor table ideas for marketers to take advantage of at events. Vendor tables can consist of a mix of promotional materials, including the traditional paper brochures.

However, you can also integrate interactive mobile software displays, social media interactions and table-side games to help keep the attention of convention-goers. By integrating all of these different ideas, it becomes that much easier to not only attract the attention of event attendees but also keep them engaged with your company long after the event is over.

Vendor Ideas for Events

Vendor table display ideas can include a wide range of concepts that appeal to different people of different tastes. If possible, you want to make your table as engaging as you can.

Places like trade shows can be highly competitive, with vendor tables competing intensely for the attention of attendees. For this reason, you want to come up with high-impact, engaging materials that will draw in the crowds.

While promotional materials have long consisted of paper brochures and leaflets, the increase in the use of mobile technology has made it far easier to convert a trade show table into a miniature event space. Tablets can be used to feature interactive demos and games that can help catch, and keep, the attention of event attendees.

These demos can help to show how your product can be used and how it might benefit event-goers. This can also become a prime moment for capturing video of people interacting with your software, which can then be used to drive future advertisements on your website or through social media.

If you can’t feature your products using technology, there are still other ways of creating a miniature event space in the middle of a trade show. Your table could include smaller games and hands-on activities that aren’t digital. You could feature simple things, such as a business card prize draw. To participate, all people have to do is leave their business card for a random drawing, with a prize offered to whoever has their card pulled from the pile at the end of the day.

For something a little more robust, you could create a prize wheel, in which people leave a business card in exchange for a chance to spin for a prize.

Display a Conversation Starter

Vendor ideas for events can also include a conversation starter, a single visual image that helps capture the attention of those passing by and lures them in for a conversation. Many companies choose to go traditional, using bold image displays to project an image of their product to convention-goers. However, it’s also possible to feature unique items that catch the curiosity of those walking around and get them to stop in.

A publishing company, for instance, may feature a vintage typewriter, while a tabletop company may want to put out full displays of their games.

Digitize the Experience

Even if you can’t develop software to feature at the event, you can still digitize the experience. Just about everyone is carrying a smartphone these days, and most event attendees will be plugged into social media. You can take advantage of this by taking a traditional event, the prize raffle, and plugging it into Twitter.

You can create a hashtag for the event and tell people to enter the contest by tweeting using your hashtag, with the expectation that the winner will later be announced over your Twitter feed. This could drive plenty of new traffic to your Twitter feed and raise interest in your products.