Using visual merchandising to draw people into and around your stores gives you a way to build brand, sales and customer loyalty. By creating displays around themes, you help customers better understand how to use the products you sell while making their shopping experience more interesting. Once you carry the theme to the windows of your store, too, you engage and motivate shoppers to come into the store, the first step in getting them to make a purchase.


Create displays around the four seasons to help shoppers find the products they need, learn about new products and see merchandise they may not have noticed before. Use seasonal themes in as many displays as possible around the store. For instance, if you sell general merchandise, create winter displays that showcase preventing colds and flu with medicine, tissues and vitamins in one display. In another display, create a winter scene that depicts a cozy family night around the television, complete with microwave popcorn, seasoning salt, colorful bowls, hot chocolate, mugs and marshmallows.


Set up displays centered on holidays, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, July 4th and Valentine’s Day. When you turn your end aisles, displays near the cash register and your windows into holiday-themed displays, shoppers are more likely to linger in your store. For instance, draw them in for Halloween by adding decor, such as black or orange background fabric, spider webs, pumpkins, ambient lighting and ghostly props, to all of your displays.

Local Events

National, state and local sports events, complete with pompons, jerseys, sports equipment and mini scoreboards help draw attention to the products on display. If your town or region puts on local events, such as festivals related to agricultural products, history or natural features, create displays with these themes. For instance, if your town is celebrating a centennial anniversary, add historical photos and memorabilia to your displays to tie into the event and encourage people to spend more time in your shop.

Back to School

Use a themed display targeting students headed back to school. Just about any product can be turned into an attractive display about prepping for school. For instance, use the theme to push healthcare products that remind parents to get ready for sick days or to go in gym bags. Create displays that sell various products and foods that go in lunchboxes, after-school snacks and in care packages sent to college kids. Add props to your displays, such as chalkboards and school banners. Use a few displays to push products needed for class, such as notebooks, pens and paper.