Successfully launching a new beauty product requires creating a buzz or interest in it. The first step to an effective launch is making your target consumer base aware of its presence. The second, and even more critical step, is to entice these consumers to try the product. Giving away free samples of the product, showcasing the impact the product can have on the consumer, and making the consumer curious about the product's effectiveness can help to gain a following for the item.


Hold an event for the beauty product launch so interested consumers can gather and watch makeovers of audience members. Use the new beauty product in the makeovers to create excitement for the launch, demonstrate how the product works and showcase the effects of the product. The makeover will attract people looking to freshen their look as well as those interested in seeing the product in action.

Photo Shoot

Invite current customers or selected members of the public to participate in a photo shoot. Treat each participant with the new beauty product, then have a professional photographer capture their image. Post the "after" photos on your company website, along with "before photos," and ask consumers to vote on their favorite "after" look. This will create buzz for the new product as well as drive traffic to your website.

Contests and Giveaways

Giving away free samples and running contests with beauty kits and makeovers as prizes can help build excitement and interest in your new beauty product line. Advertise a day you will give away free samples of the new product at your storefront, or offer a free sample of the product with every online order you receive. Run contests for example, in which you ask consumers to write a short explanation of why they deserve a makeover. Pick winners and reward them with a makeover using the product and a beauty kit to take home as well.

Social Media

Promote the new product launch on your social media page. Write posts outlining the benefits of the new product. Invite people to "Like" the new product page for a chance to win a free sample kit. Post photos of the effect the new beauty product has on those using it. Ask consumers who have tried it to post their experiences with it on your social media pages for a chance to win a prize.