You've created the perfect combination of scents for the new fragrance you'll sell to consumers. As you prepare to put your perfume or cologne on the market, it's important to implement the right marketing strategies to attract people to your product. The fragrance a person chooses to wear is a direct reflection of the individual's style and preference. A solid marketing plan can successfully convince consumers that your product is just right for them.

Be Original --Yet Traditional

There are certain scents that denote warmth and comfort, such as vanilla or sandalwood. Other fragrances, like grapefruit or clary sage, awaken the senses and make a person feel energetic. Emphasize the notes in your fragrance that promote positive feelings in people, and combine these with original scent combinations that will make consumers curious about your product. For instance, add black pepper oil to a cologne for men to give it a richer, earthier scent. The ingredient is exotic and may draw customers in, even though you've included more traditional notes like musk in the fragrance as well.

Conduct Surveys

Conduct an online or in-store survey to determine which perfume notes customers like best. You can also use the survey to find out where consumers are most likely to wear your perfume or whether the fragrance evokes any fond memories for customers. This prompts the consumer to think about your fragrance in a more detailed, analytical way, and could subconsciously give customers the impression that they need your product. When you market a new fragrance, you can do so from the angle of hearing the customers' wants and delivering a perfume that showcases their fragrance preferences.

Give Out Free Samples

Everyone likes to receive free gifts, so provide a free sample of your newest fragrance every time a customer makes a purchase. Or, hold a contest online and give a free bottle of cologne or perfume to the first few customers who correctly answer a trivia question about your company. If the customer likes the sample, it's much more likely they will buy your fragrance the next time they're shopping for perfume.

Use Social Media and Influencers

Word of an interesting new fragrance travels fast, especially when people spread it through social media. To get folks talking and sharing, launch your latest perfume on suitable social sites, such as Instagram and Snapchat, to show off topnotch packaging and raise brand awareness. You might also find perfume-loving bloggers who are willing to try your product, and then, if they like it, blog about it and share photos and your website link with their communities. A referral program, such as Dropbox, is another tool for using outside help to build your brand. Or, consider hiring an established influencer marketing company to advertise your product in all the right channels.

Limit Your Perfume Releases

Release a new fragrance once or twice a year, especially if you use ingredients in your fragrance that the public isn't extremely familiar with. This gives customers time to smell the fragrance several times before making a purchase. Limited perfume releases also make your product appear refined and sophisticated and give the impression that you've created a classic scent that will stand the test of time.