Marketing a product or service to teenagers often means appealing to a teen's perception of life or providing the notion that the marketed product with enrich the his life. reports that teenagers today have more buying power than they did in previous years, which means companies have to be especially savvy when making an item appear appealing to this group.

Social Inclusion

Advertising a product in a way that presents teenage consumers as part of the in crowd could be profitable for your business. For instance, if your company sells shoes or clothing, creating a commercial in which a socially outcast or nerdy teen suddenly becomes popular and appealing to her peer group when she puts on the shoes or clothing may be attractive to teens. Advertise an electronic device in a way that suggests that only the most intelligent and savvy teenagers have the product. Create a commercial that displays other teens showing interest in and vying for the attention of the teen who has purchased the electronic device.


Even though teenagers want to be socially accepted, they want to be seen as individuals. Market your product in a way that suggests a teen can be one of a kind by becoming one of your customers -- for example, a jewelry company that creates initial charms so that teens can customize bracelets or necklaces. Advertising a phone or computer that teens can decorate in a variety of colors and designs also encourages individuality while promoting a trendy product that may increase the teenager's popularity among his peers.

Adult Sensibilities

While teenagers like to have fun and be carefree, many teenagers want to be taken seriously as young adults. Executing promotional campaigns that suggest teens are committed to being responsible and making wise choices can result in more young consumers for your company. Advertising accessories such as watches or glasses in a way that suggests that the items are on trend but sophisticated may prove effective for teenagers. Showcasing a model wearing a watch or pair of glasses who is fashionable but modestly dressed with minimal makeup makes the product appear sensible. Depict the model in class or at a job interview to present the product in a mature, adult light. Including other teens, as well as adults, in the marketing ad who show their approval to the model appeals to a teenager's need to be accepted.

Good Causes

Teenagers who are aware of world happenings that require the assistance of charities want to make a difference in their communities. Partnering with a local charity could help teens take your company seriously, particularly if you choose a charitable cause that is important to young people. For instance, if your clothing store partners with a charity that donates clothing to underprivileged children, encourage teen customers to bring in gently used clothing and offer a discount on your inventory for each bag of clothing brought in. Or enter teens into a drawing that makes them eligible for a college scholarship sponsored by a local charity each time they make a purchase.