Finding the right celebrity to endorse a product is a delicate process that involves thoroughly checking into that individual's personal activities and history, along with considering whether his reputation meshes with the brand's values. Celebrity endorsements come from many fields, including film and television actors, recording artists, chefs, politicians, models and athletes. The right celebrity endorsement creates brand awareness, positions or repositions the brand, and revives sales if they're flagging. It may even create new opportunities and public relations angles.

Know the Traits Desired

The first step in picking the right celebrity is to decide whether you want someone who will reinforce the brand's existing image or someone who will help to change that image. Write down the words that you want customers to associate with your brand. These could include anything from "hip" to "reliable." Once the desired message is known, it's time to search for a celebrity whose image or personality matches those words. Focus groups can help you find a celebrity who your target customers associate with the desired traits.


In most cases, a credible celebrity who is near the top of her field should be the first choice. Any potential candidate should be carefully vetted. Her reputation on the job and in private, along with details such as past and current romantic entanglements will all reflect upon the brand. Tying a massive ad campaign to a human being is risky business. Just as the brand will borrow the glamour and reputation of the celebrity, it will also suffer if the person chosen commits illegal or immoral acts.

A Good Fit

Selecting the right type of celebrity can be just as important as selecting the right person. The product and the celebrity should be a good fit. For example, it makes sense to choose a sports player to endorse an energy drink or sports equipment. Consider researching the preferences of different celebrities in a field. There could be someone who already wears the brand or has been photographed using the product. An endorsement from such a celebrity will carry a ring of truth and make his message appear more sincere.

Good Timing

Consider when the new campaign will be live. There's no point in selecting an up-and-coming movie star if he doesn't have a movie coming out any time soon, or a hockey player during baseball season. It's a good strategy to launch such a campaign when there is excitement surrounding the celebrity. It also provides even more momentum for the campaign. After all, if a celebrity is in the news and her movie or music is being heavily advertised, the hype will help the brand's own momentum as its advertising starts. Still, avoid selecting someone who is overexposed, since that will cause people to tune out.