Coming up with a business name is one of the most important steps in starting up a think tank. It can also be one of the hardest steps, since there are so many things to consider when it comes to choosing the perfect name. Having a few guidelines to follow can help to narrow down the many options you come up with for a new business name.

Come up with a name that tells people what you do. For example, a publishing company should have the word "publishing" somewhere in the name. For a think tank, it's more important to focus on who or what the think tank is conducting research for, rather than the fact that it's a think tank. For example, if the think tank conducts research for political campaigns, then the title needs to represent that political focus.

Create a name that is short and sweet. It will be easier for people to remember a business name that is short, as well as descriptive.

Include a unique word in the business name. A name like "Blueberry Advertising" is easy to remember because it's a unique name.

Make sure the name is easy to spell. If a person can't spell the name right, they may not find it when searching for it online.

Visit your county clerk's office once you pick a name, and ask about getting a Doing Business As (DBA). The clerk will search to see if your business name has already been taken, and let you know how you can register the name so another business cannot use it.