Is it time to split up some of your staff into focus groups in order to delve into solutions for a problem, inspire creativity or drive innovation? Having savvy team names can be empowering and beneficial. How so? The process of choosing a great name as a group sparks creativity, boosts confidence and jump starts team spirit. Starting with an enthusiastic, united frame of mind often has lasting positive effects throughout the project and beyond. A little inspiration can help each team come up with a meaningful name that suits their situation. Follow a few loose rules for the best outcome.

Keep it Clean

It's fine to allow your teams plenty of freedom when choosing their names, but you might insist that they focus on appropriate, positive and tasteful names, not vulgar or offensive ones.

Inspiration for the Innovative Creatives

A creative innovation team keeps your company's competitive edge from becoming "dull" by brainstorming new product ideas or fresh service solutions. To get started on creating a team name, conjure up a list of words and terms that correspond with the act of being innovative: For example, avant-garde, cutting-edge, freethinking, pioneer, trendsetter and trailblazer. From there, expand on your team's favorite terms to create a fitting name. For example, your innovation team might call themselves:

  • The Renew Crew
  • Powerhouse Pioneers
  • Breakthrough Bandits
  • The Revolutionaries
  • Lightning Bolts
  • Brightest Bulbs
  • Eager Beavers
  • Idea Artisans
  • Fast Forward Thinkers

Name Ideas for the Problem Solvers

Corporate problem-solvers have a lot of responsibility: They often have to extinguish weighty issues that could hurt their company or even cause it to collapse. This brave bunch should choose a name that nods to a powerful position or agency, such as The Superintendents of Critical Situations, The Secret Weapons Service or The Herculean Task Force. Maybe your team will opt for a name with a military twist like the Business Brigade, Solution Soldiers or The Incorporated Corps. Or, go for an animal-related name that suggests cunning attributes such as The Outfoxing Crew, Eagle Eyes or Alligator Alliance.

Corporate Team Support for a Cause 

It does wonders for morale when your corporate executives and staff occasionally slip out of their ties and suits and into jerseys or tees and sporty shorts to support a good cause or have a friendly game against a corporate competitor. In either case, you'll be participating in public rather than internally, so have the team choose a suitable name that makes a good impression. If you're taking part in a walk to raise awareness for a particular charity, for instance, go with something uplifting like, "The Helping Hands." But if you're having a friendly baseball game against a corporate rival for charity and entertainment, why not go with a name that's a little humorous – and, of course, a touch intimidating – such as "Team Takeover."

Choosing a corporate team name for whatever purpose comes down to a smart mix of appropriateness, encouragement and whimsy, so have a little fun with it before getting on with business.