Playing on a team can be expensive, whether from equipment costs, travel or event registration fees. A successful team learns how to offset these fixed costs by obtaining sponsorship from a client that sees the benefit in advertising alongside the team's logo. In order to obtain a sponsor, your team needs a strong portfolio. Think of the portfolio as the brochure of your team. It should engage the reader and entice him to make a sponsorship decision.

Things You Will Need
  • Professional binding service

  • Photographs of your team

  • Document editing software

Design a cover page that is attention-grabbing and professional. It should include your team name and photograph.

Write about your team's experience and achievements. You should show the history of the team and how you are active in the community.

Get the client excited about the team. Highlight the team's future plans and goals. Include major events or television appearances that will entice the potential client to make a sponsorship decision.

Show off the team. Include pictures and brief biographies of each player.

Summarize the team's proposal. Think about this section from the sponsor's perspective. Show the client how sponsoring your team will be of benefit to them. Reiterate the exposure the sponsor will have from your sporting events or television and radio appearances.

Look at other team portfolios for attractive layout ideas.


Your proposal should always be presented in a professionally bound portfolio.


Do not open the portfolio with a request for money. It will immediately be thrown in the garbage.