Getting Rockstar Energy Drink to sponsor an event requires some preparation before contacting the company. First, you must have a venue booked and an attendee list started. Without these two key factors, Rockstar will not considering sponsoring the event. Additionally, if you are hosting a small, intimate event, the energy drink company may choose to decline the sponsorship opportunity. Rockstar only supports events where the drink will reach many new potential customers.

Go to the official Rockstar Energy Drink Website ( and fill out the sponsorship submission form. It can be found under the "Events" tab.

Provide event information such as where the event will be held, how many attendees you expect and whether any media will cover the event. Increase your chances of having Rockstar sponsor the event by contacting the company after you have already secured media coverage or have a very high level of the prospective attendance.

Provide additional details about the event to the Rockstar representative who contacts you. They will verify the event date, type and attendee response. They also may ask questions about venue logistics and what other sponsors you have lined up.

Sign a contract with Rockstar stating that you won't hold them liable for anything that happens at the event as a result of someone drinking the Rockstar beverage.

Provide space for the Rockstar team to set up on the day of the event. They will provide free beverages and may also bring large tents, banners and other promotional materials based on the size of the venue.