Various airlines give back to communities in America through different types of charities. Airlines also sponsor certain organizations and groups of people with free airline tickets for the duration of a specific event or for an agreed period of time. To get an airline sponsorship you need to submit a proposal detailing your type of event, needs and any other details required by the airline you are contacting. Every airline has its own sponsorship requirements and guidelines. Ultimately, airlines sponsor groups and organizations who agree to promote the airline during the event to help the airline generate sales.

Visit the website of the airline you want to approach about getting a sponsorship and navigate to the site's sponsorship or charities web page. Airline options you can contact include American Airlines, JetBlue, Continental, Southwest and AirTran Airways.

Read the sponsorship requirements and guidelines established by the airline you are contacting. Make sure that you qualify. For example, if you are looking to get sponsorship for a sports team, American Airlines requires you to provide advertising at the place where the event is being held. Most airlines will need you to provide advertising wherever you are flying.

Acquire the form you need to apply for a sponsorship. Depending on the airline you may be prompted to contact the phone number provided on the airline's website, or you may be prompted to create an online account to access the form.

Fill out the form making sure to submit all the information required by the airline. For instance, American Airlines prompts you to provide details about the event and express what you need from American Airlines. You will also need to provide information that shows the airline how they will be promoted at the event.

Submit the form by following the airline's instructions. You may have to mail it in to the address provided, or you may be able to do this online. If you the airline you are approaching prompted you to access the form online by creating an account, you will also be able to submit the sponsorship form through your account.


Typically airlines will ask you to submit your sponsorship application three months before your event. Airline's may take eight to ten weeks reviewing your application.

Submit sponsorship applications to different airlines to increase your chance of getting sponsored.