Charities and organizations looking for money to support their cause or promote an event may seek fundraising sponsorships, often from the spirits industry, which can provide beer, wine or liquor at no charge or pay for promotional advertising supporting the event. A sponsorship request must show that the event host has planned for adherence to strict liquor industry regulations and must show how the sponsor will benefit from participation.

Industry Regulations

Laws prohibit the sale, advertising or promotion of beer, wines and spirits to minors; you must consider these laws when planning a sponsored event. There are issues of whether alcoholic beverages are donated for sale by the host organization or charity, which keeps the proceeds, or whether beverages are served at no charge to guests in view of promotional advertising that benefits the brand.

Choice of Venue

If a liquor-sponsored event is held at an unlicensed venue, the host organization must show ability to acquire a ``special occasion liquor license.'' Plans should show placement of advertising banners, promotional materials and giveaways. Sponsors can be included in media and public relations campaigns tied to the event.

Written Proposal

Make your sponsorship request in writing and send it directly to the sales, marketing or public affairs department of the company. The letter should outline the intended guests for the event and explain how the demographic fits with the liquor brand. A request may include target proceeds and an estimated value of sponsorship to the company.