Diane Conklin, an author and founder of Complete Marketing Systems, a U.S. marketing firm, states that one of the most common mistakes in event promotion is marketing a concert within a short time. She advises an event planner to allocate ample time to promote an event, and recommends lead time of 90 to 120 days for an event with about 75 expected attendees. However, the duration depends on the nature of the event. An effective promotion of a concert or event is integral to its success, so in-depth research must inform your marketing strategy.

Ticket Giveaways

Giving away one or two free tickets to your event is an effective way of promoting the event by generating interest among the target audience. Start a contest on radio, TV or social media in which the prize is a ticket to your event. Ensure the contest is easy because this would attract a large number of participants that create a buzz for the event at the same time.

Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing, or in-your-face marketing, makes your event stand out because people are more accustomed to traditional marketing. This technique attracts the immediate attention of the target audience through unexpected imagery or consumer engagement. For example, the promoters of a monster truck rally placed a smashed car -- with rally bumper stickers -- on a busy street as a form of guerilla advertising.

Radio Partnership

Partnering with your local radio station allows you to gain free publicity for your event. The radio station potentially benefits from the partnership by gaining new listeners from your event. You could also provide the station with free tickets for certain members of their staff or on-air giveaways. Contact the promotion department of your desired radio station and give them with the exclusive rights as your radio partner. Provide details of the event such as date, venue, time and the ticket prices.

Print marketing involves the use of posters, brochures and flyers to promote your event. You can pass these promotional aids to your target audience through emails, churches, local colleges or on the street. Seek the consent of local coffee shops, bookstores, malls or businesses in posting flyers on their windows or bulletin boards. Opt for digital print to produce these materials when promoting a small concert or event because it is cost effective. Offset printing, however, can be appropriate for a large concert, which needs huge volumes of the marketing prints.