The entertainment industry presents huge competition, so advertising a new singer or performer can be highly intimidating. Few new entertainers have the budget to pay for large-scale advertising campaigns, which is why creative advertising tactics are particularly important to singers. Clever marketing can help you achieve name recognition and help build a fan base.

Utilize Social Media

Social media presents a far-reaching opportunity for targeting a young demographic. It also facilitates the integration of photo and video marketing, which is much more likely to be shared virally on social media. By creating "brand" fan pages and regularly posting dynamic content -- including video, audio, blogs and photos -- you can start creating a fan base for the singer with very little, if any, outlay of money.

Contact Local Radio Stations

Local radio stations are sometimes interested in featuring or interviewing local talent. Contact your local stations and begin forging relationships within the industry. Send them literature about the singer, demo tapes, and announcements of any local performances. That way, when deejays or producers need to fill a segment or are looking for a feature story, your artist will already be on their radar. Speaking or performing on the radio can be an effective way to build local interest in a short amount of time.

Get on YouTube

YouTube has a way of launching artists through viral video marketing. Make videos of your artist's performances and post them on YouTube, and then share them on social media platforms. It only takes one video going viral to birth a star.

Offer Pro Bono Performances

An engaging way to create name recognition and find new fans is to arrange free performances. A charitable or community event is an opportunity to solicit new fans while demonstrating a sincere interest in and commitment to the community and philanthropic causes. Make the artist's albums available for purchase at the events and offer fliers with website and tour information for those interested.