Businesses in the bridal industry must advertise just as any business should to maintain credibility, awareness and branding in the marketplace. Catchy advertising is all the more effective because it can positively impact your image in the local community, creating buzz for your company.


Bakeries can capture their share of the bridal business by advertising and hosting tasting parties. Hold a “brides only” party and advertise the event locally. Start by selecting a date and announcing your party to wedding planners who are working with brides-to-be in the area. If you are able to get addresses, mail each bride-to-be a beautifully wrapped truffle from your bakery or another small handmade candy with an invitation to attend. Be sure to mention any special door prizes, free cake samples and other giveaways that will be available at the party. To make the most of your event, run a two-week radio ad to generate direct-response advertising to help your party become a success.

Wedding Dress Boutiques

Use catchy advertising slogans that focus on the most interesting and unique aspects of your boutique to capture local clientele. Stay away from typical marketing clichés such as “the most beautiful wedding dresses” or generalized, obvious taglines such as “A Bridal Gown Boutique." Find your inspiration from wedding-gown designers such as Maggie Sottero, whose slogan is “Impeccable Styling. Incomparable Fit.” Stress the strengths of your bridal boutique to set your salon apart from the rest. Example: “Vintage Gowns for Houston's Modern Lady” or “San Diego’s Sexiest Brides” are punchy and descriptive. Use your slogan on marketing materials and channels, including Web sites, business cards, brochures, answering-machine messages and even on customer receipts.


Print ads can be especially impactful for a visual medium such as photography. But instead of using the typical photography commonly seen in wedding magazines, such as kissing couples or a bride throwing the bouquet, opt for an awkward, funny photo that shows the importance of a good photographer for The Big Day. A “shocking” photo such as one with a ridiculous look on the bride’s face or another with the bride and groom looking stiff and awkward is a catchy way to get the attention of brides. You'll also want catchy copy to accompany the photo. Example: "What not to do on your wedding day." or "We won't let you look like this."

Wedding Planners

To get noticed in the bridal industry as a wedding planner, you have to be influential. To create authority while setting yourself apart from the many wedding planners offering services today, start a guest blogging ad campaign. Contact websites that are relevant and highly authoritative in the bridal industry and ask if you can write a post on a relevant issue for brides today. Your guest post can range from bridal bouquet tips to ways to light a stage – it all depends on the website’s theme and the article’s appropriateness on the site. Guest blogging is a solid ad vehicle that can increase your exposure and draw traffic to your own website. By making your article interesting and relevant, guest posts will provide ad value for your wedding planning business that’s unique and outside-of-the-box. Make your content catchy, and you’ll gain further exposure through social media and word-of-mouth.


In any given city, there are many florists from which to choose. To set your floral business apart, connect with local hotels and ask them if your business can create free floral arrangements for a bride and groom's food tasting. Create a small but tasteful corsage and boutonniere using inexpensive flowers for the bride and groom, compliments of your florist business. Imprint your business's name and phone number on the floral arrangement ribbon. Personal, one-on-one advertising is a solid way to track leads and create valuable word-of-mouth. In addition to being catchy, it’s also memorable, contributing to a greater top-of-mind awareness for your florist business over time.