Most green authors don't realize that it is largely up to them to promote their book; publishing houses don't sink a lot of money into "unknown" authors. Take charge of your marketing, sales and promotions, whether a major publisher picked up your book or it was self-published. Here are some ideas for how to market your book. Just remember, you're going to need to put as much time into promoting your book as you did writing it-perhaps even more.

Craft a Press Release

Write a one-page press release that describes your book. Look for points in your book that mention a specific place, business or activity, and pitch the story idea to editors who work in those specific locales. Make sure your press release captures the attention of an editor or writer with a hook in the first sentence. Remember to include who, what, where, when, why and how in your press release. Find a newsworthy angle to pitch, and include your contact information at the top, making sure to end each press release with the standard symbols of ###.

Online Advertising and Promotions

Look for websites, blogs, newsletters, newsgroups or publications that cater to your target audience. Contact the owner of each site, publication or newsletter and ask if they write book reviews. Become involved with an online discussion group and make regular posts. Try to mention your book in several posts without making it appear like you are writing a shameless advertisement.

Create an Amazon Book Page

Visit, click on "Make Your Books Available," and follow the instructions for setting up your own eStore on This potentially will put your book in front of millions of customers. You also can use the expanded distribution channel to make your book available to online and offline bookstores.