Print advertising, billboard advertising and word-of-mouth marketing are all viable methods for promoting your product, service or company. However, website advertising has recently become popular because it can be cheaper and more effective than other types of advertising. If you have your own website, you can customize your advertising in any way you want, targeting specific users and making the most out of your marketing. Whether you plan to devote your entire website to advertising or simply create a banner advertisement for your site, there are several solutions to help you achieve your goal.

How to Design Your Own Web Page for Advertising

Brainstorm your advertising strategy. Determine what visual and textual elements would be most effective for promoting your product, service, or organization online. Make sure you know your target customers as this will help you craft your advertisement to be the most appealing. Use a pen and paper to take notes during this planning stage.

Install a web design application on your computer. There are several different applications from which to choose. If you are inexperienced with HTML and other scripting languages, you can use a WYSIWYG editor ("What You See Is What You Get"), which allows you to design your website layout and content without having to use any code. Popular WYSIWYG editors include Apple iWeb and Adobe Dreamweaver, while more advanced web design applications include Evrsoft First Page and UltraEdit.

Determine whether you are making a full-page advertisement, a banner ad or some other size in-between. A full-sized advertisement should be 1024x768 pixels or 800x600 pixels while a banner ad is typically 120x240 pixels. Create a new, blank canvas of an appropriate size in the web design application to start your ad design.

Lay out the background elements of the advertisement. Gradients, borders, background pictures and other visual aspects can be part of the background design. Add text boxes that include pertinent information about your product, service or organization. Stylize the advertisement using a set color palette, interesting fonts and eye-catching images.

Save the advertisement as an HTML file or incorporate the ad into a different website file. Upload this HTML file to your host server using an FTP client like CyberDuck or FileZilla. If you don't have your own domain or hosting provider, you can purchase a monthly plan and a unique domain name from a company like GoDaddy or BlueHost.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer

  • Web design software