Bingo is a popular game of chance that is often used to raise funds for churches and other non-profit organizations. The key to a successful event is an advertising effort that appeals to experienced players as well as those who are either unfamiliar with the rules of the game or believe it is dull. Entice them using a low-cost advertising effort that touts the chance to win cash or other prizes. In addition to basic information about the event, the ads should present Bingo as a game that is easy to learn and encourages social interaction.

Post a prominent sign at the location of the game being planned showing the time and date of the event. In addition to the word "Bingo," note that prize money will be awarded. Be sure to comply with local laws. In some municipalities, the exact amount of money being awarded cannot be advertised. If it is a charity event, include the name of the organization. On the day of the event, include a curbside lighted sign that says "Bingo Tonight!"

Advertise in as many types of media as your budget will allow, including in local newpapers, on radio stations, on recreational and entertainment websites and through flyers posted at area businesses and community centers. Send out press releases to local media outlets so they can post the event in their calendar sections.

Promote the social aspects of playing Bingo rather than just the competitive, prize-winning elements. In your ads, be sure to incorporate expressions like "Come join the fun!" or "Be part of the exciting action!" to help grab the public's attention. Use photos of happy people celebrating a win or sharing a laugh. Encourage inexperienced players to participate by assuring them there will be knowledgeable people on hand to teach people how to play and offer advice.

Use social media and word-of-mouth to create a buzz about the event. Those involved in the organization hosting the game should be encouraged to use their Facebook page or other online tools to get the message out. Ask them to contact as many friends and family members as possible. Describe it as a fun social event and include information about other attractions such as entertainment or dining options. Ask those receiving the promotional message to pass it along to others who might be interested.


Begin the advertising effort for the Bingo event as early as possible.

Ask local merchants to distribute brochures or promotional literature.