Gambling-style fundraisers are popular as they allow people to indulge their betting spirits while knowing the money is going to a good cause. Raffles are the most common and easiest gambling fundraisers to organize, while casino nights and poker nights are also popular. Or, try getting creative - people will bet on just about anything.

Casino Night

Host a casino night. Many companies, especially in larger cities, specialize in providing these events for non-profit organizations. They are able to provide an authentic experience with the look and feel of a real casino. No real money is won as a result of gaming. Instead, participants cash in their chips in exchange for raffle tickets. Prizes for the raffle need to be sourced from local businesses or other sponsors in advance of the event.


A raffle is a tried and tested way of fund raising, and is one of the easiest to organize. Raffles are a great idea for smaller organizations without capital as they involve very small amounts of cash outlay to begin with and are less risky than other events. Try to get all your prizes donated by local businesses. Travel and electronic equipment are examples of items likely to appeal to your ticket buyers. Proceeds are limited only by how many tickets you can sell.

Texas Hold'em

Many schools and other non-profit groups now hold charity poker nights, due to their ability to draw big crowds and make a large profit. You will need a venue with the relevant permit, poker supplies - which are widely available to rent - and prizes. As pointed out at your group can make money in several ways. Dependent on local regulations you can charge an admission fee, collect a percentage on every pot, sell food and drinks, auction off donated items or hold a raffle at the tournament.

Cow Chip Fundraiser

Appeal to people's betting spirits in a more creative way. If you live in the country, you could try a "Cow Chip Fundraiser," as recommend at This involves dividing a large field with a single cow in it into marked squares, selling each square and then waiting for the cow to produce a cow pie - in the square of the lucky winner. Sell food, put on music and organize other fundraising activities such as kids' face painting to maximize your profit.